A Photowalk in the Fog at Spring Mill State Park

Saturday, I lead a Photowalk sponsored by Scott Kelby at a foggy Pioneer Village in Spring Mill State Park. Saturday was also part of their autumn harvest days. Several folks were dressed in period clothing and demonstrated the work pioneers did during the period. The park and village are well worth a visit. One worker said she thought the interpreters would be working until the end of October.

A Foggy Start

The morning started with a forty-minute drive some through heavy fog. My thoughts immediately turned to photographing the lake as I had planned to arrive about 45 minutes early. As I drove down to the lake, I could see several possible shots near the bridge with fog hanging over the valley. After I finished my shooting and was packing my equipment, I noticed one shot I missed.

Spring Mill Lake

I quickly set up my camera and took a few more exposures from this new vantage point. I had to scramble and pack my gear again so I could meet the participants at the village. My early arrival at the village let me take a shot of the old grist mill as the walk participants arrived. There was much less low fog in the village than other parts of the park.

Grist Mill Spring Mill SP Lawrence County IN

Grist Mill Spring Mill SP Lawrence County IN

Memories of Pioneer Village

We had a great time walking around the village. The walk brought back memories of long ago when I would visit the park with my parents and grandmother. My grandmother would tell us stories about some of the buildings, the work that was done, and even knew some folks who had lived in some of the homes. I only wish that I had recordings of our informative walks.

My past experiences with walks were in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. I liked the idea of taking a walk in the past rather than current day. Plan to join me next year when I lead another walk through the village and you can photograph a day gone by! The opportunities to shoot both inside and outside the buildings are endless. I only took one photograph during the walk as I decided to help the participants find interesting shots and learn their cameras.

The following is an album of my shots Saturday before and after the walk.