Intimate Landscape Photography:

Southern Indiana from a Different View


The Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore Southern Indiana’s rugged hills, rivers, creeks, lakes, and forests for what pioneering color nature photographer Elliot Porter called “intimate landscapes” – photographic imagery that lies somewhere between sweeping vistas and narrowly focused close ups. While there is no precise definition, this “less-is-more” approach relies on tight compositions filled with patterns, textures and reflections.

This one day, field-based workshop will explore a variety of terrain to develop your concept and use of intimate landscapes in your photography. You will gain new inspiration and techniques for your landscape photography during this hands-on-workshop, surrounded by the beauty of Indiana south of where last glacier stopped some 10,000 years ago.

You will learn both basic landscape photography techniques and intimate landscape photography techniques. You will learn the best camera settings for sharpness and exposure for your intimate landscape photography. We will focus on composing your photographs, deciding what to include, and what not to include. You will learn to use different perspectives.