Trip Report: Fast and muddy water – McCormick’s Creek, Cataract Falls

Gary and I heard McCormick’s Creek long before we reached the Statehouse Quarry, which sits creekside a quarter mile or so upstream from the White River West Fork. And I can’t say I was thrilled when I found the creek a muddy, coffee-with-cream color. The water rushed, unlike I’d ever seen it,…

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Explore for light, above all else, for great nature photography

I’ve long taught my journalism students to think of photography as “painting with light.” The camera doesn’t record the subject matter you see in the viewfinder. It captures the light that is reflected off it.

Indeed, the elements we compose into our final images exist because of and within the light. Without it, color and form are pretty much irrelevant. Many of the greatest nature images ever captured lacked color altogether. Think Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. In fact, without light, color doesn’t exist. (More on that in a second.)

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We might think there is only one type of rock in Indiana

Rock or Rocks? Ask a Hoosier about rocks, and the first response will be limestone. The second will be limestone. So will the third. Southern Indiana, particularly the area in and around Bloomington and Bedford, produces the best limestone in the world. But while we still like our limestone, we have a growing…

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