Backroads Tour of Brown County


That Special Time in Southern Indiana

 October 28, 2017

$125 for each Participant

The Tour

We could never understand why the Indiana state song focused on the banks of the Wabash and not the beautiful fall colors in our state. Join us for a special Backroads of Brown County fall tour. This tour will take you to some of our favorite vantage points for photographing fall colors.

Brown County has been known for its brilliant fall color displays since Chicago artist Adoph Shulz discovered the region in the early 20th century and the world-famous Brown County art colony formed around him. In this workshop, we’ll be following their footsteps to off-the-beaten-path destinations that are known mostly by the locals and the most committed nature lovers.

This tour will explore the backroads rather than the typical tourist sites in Brown County. This daylong journey travels through the hills and hollers as we visit different locations to photograph Brown County’s world-famous fall colors. You have the opportunity to photograph different locations to develop a portfolio of stunning fall colors.

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Additional Information

How long is the workshop?

We will meet around 8 a.m. and finish shooting between 4 and 5 p.m., depending on the light.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for beginners to experienced photographers

Do I need to be an expert?

We only ask that you are familiar with your camera and other gear. You should bring your camera manual as we find it to be a great resource!

Do I need to bring any other equipment?

You will need DSLR camera with memory cards and lens. We recommend a lens that has wide focal length such as a 24-70mm zoom or a single (prime) lens or zoom lens that includes all or part of the 24-70mm focal range. For example, a 16-80mm, 18-200mm, 24mm, or 50mm lens will work. Others might prefer an 85mm or 105mm lens. And, we have been known to use our 80-400mm telephoto lenses!

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for landscape photography, thus we encourage everyone to bring one. You can still attend without a tripod.

A small bubble level is great for setting up your camera and tripod. We recommend one for your tripod and camera (some cameras have a visual horizon you can use to level the camera). Small bubble levels are available from a variety of sources as well as custom levels for your tripod. You can also purchase a bubble level that attaches to the hot shoe on your camera if your camera does not have visual horizon option.


Each participant is responsible for his or her transportation to a rendezvous point to be announced.


If you need to stay overnight, please let us know. We can recommend lodging.


We do not provide meals. However, we will stop someplace for lunch as we like to eat! Each participant should bring snacks and, especially, water for the hikes.

We also encourage each participant to bring snacks and drinks.

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