American Kestrel

After too many weeks or maybe months of cloudy days, we had some sunshine that lasted all day! I had made plans earlier in the week to photograph Sandhill cranes and hopefully find the flock of snow geese (they apparently have left the area). It was around 22 degrees when I left yesterday morning. However, I had plenty of warm clothing including my photography gloves I have worn in zero weather with a strong wind.

I spent most of the morning in a corn field photographing thousands of Sandhill Cranes and nearly freezing my fingers beyond use! After my fingers said enough, I drove to Muscatatuck NWR as I heard there were some ring neck ducks (or maybe I was confusing reports). I stopped at the visitor center where another photograph had just finished photographing some eagles and everyone told me there were no ring neck ducks. I found nothing at Muscatatuck except this beautiful American kestrel having lunch. I was happy and headed home with the heater going full blast for a few minutes.